Caroline's Dogs

Petra and Deisel


Rottweiler:- Born:- 2005  Owner:- Caroline Wade

Hi, my name is Petra and I have no idea how old I am.  Nobody knows how I spent the first few years of my life but I was taken to the pound as a stray when I was about 3 years old.  Mum volunteers at the pound and she said I’d be great company for her other rottie – Diesel.  So, after 7 days when nobody else came to collect me, I went to my new home.  Once I had settled in, Mum sent me and Diesel to boarding school for 4 whole weeks so that we could learn how to be perfect ladies and gentlemen!  I admit, I was sadly lacking in the lady-like part.  I did, however, pass all the obedience schooling with flying colours! As Mum had a very dangerous job, we were both tested at the school to see if we would be brave enough to protect her at work.  I failed that part too.  Diesel passed though and was fully trained up to work with Mum.  The following year we tried our paws at agility.  I couldn’t do that eitherL  My ‘perfect’ brother was great of course.  But then came…… FLYBALL!!  For once, I RULE and Diesel DROOLS!  Diesel was totally hopeless at flyball and at last I’d found something I was good at! Now i'm on the starter team with my best pal, Jake and Diesel is soooooo jealous Haroo roo roo!




German Shepherd:- Born:- 2006 Owner:- Caroline Wade
Hello, my name is Jake and I’m 2 years old.  I live with my owner in Derbyshire, but because I love playing with tennis balls so much, Petra ’s mum decided to let me try flyball.  So, during summer, I spend 3 days of every week in Lancashire so that I can go to the Fylde Coasters training sessions.  I love flyball, it’s great. I even went to my first starter competition after only 4 lessons!  Only problem is, I only get to keep one of the four tennis balls.  I try and steal the other three from my team mates if they have them, but Petra says that’s not how it works.  Its great staying with Petra during the week because I get to play with all the big dogs.  Petra ’s dad says it’s like having an Eton boy visiting two chavs when I come to stay!  I have to admit though, Petra and Diesel’s table manners leave a lot to be desired!




Fylde Coasters

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