Caroline and Ashleigh's Dogs




Working Sheep Dog : Born 07-01-04 Owner Caroline Coxall

Hi I’m Tilly a tennis ball mad Border collie who started flyball in January 2005. Since starting flying I have gained my FD, FDI, FDG,FDA, Silver and most recently my Gold award.




Cocker Spaniel : Born 12-03-07 Owner-Ashleigh Coxall

Hi I’m Bobby, a food mad blue roan cocker spaniel with a very waggy tail. I’m currently  running in the Fylde Rollercoasters and having a great time. I love flyball, the tennis balls ok, but the best bit is when I get my cheese...mmm cheese. I have gained my FD,FDI,FDG,FDA and my Silver awards. Apart from flyball my other achievements are gaining my kennel club good citizen, because I’m such a well behaved dog...Ha...Ha...Ha. That’s about all you need to know about me........Did  someone say cheese?

Bobby was part of the Fylde Rollercoasters team that came 1st in Division 18 at the 2009 Summer Championships in Warwick . Bobby was part of the Fylde Rollercoasters team that came 2nd in Division 12 at the 2010 Summer Championships in Warwick .  


Spoodle: Born 10-08-09 Owner - Caroline Coxall

Hi, my name is Izzy and I was born on the 10th August 2009 in Wrexham. My mum was a liver and white Springer Spaniel and my dad was an apricot poodle, so I guess that makes me a “spoodle”. At three weeks old I was picked and named by Caroline and Co and they came back to pick me up
at 8 weeks old to live with them. I also live with big sis Tilly and Bob dog. I have had a year in starters and also my first sanctioned competition at Deeside, however I think I will be in starters until I learn a bit more.   






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