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English Cocker Spaniel:- Born:- ____ Owner:- Gerry and Sue Hems





Crossbreed:- Born:- ____ Owner:- Gerry and Sue Hems

My name is Jasper the Collie cross I was rescued by the RSPCA when I was 8 months old and spent three months at Longview before I came to live with Sue and Gerry. I have always been a very nervous dog but I have come out of my shell due to my brother Alfie the Cocker Spaniel. Gerry and Alfie used to disappear every Wednesday evening but I could not work out where they went . Then one day Sue and Gerry loaded up the car with all sorts of new and strange objects and off we all went for a day out at Mottram September 2008. What is this field with dogs running all over the place? IT’S FLYBALL

Well its looks like all these dogs are having a great time and I want to join in. However I must remain on the sidelines as Alfies support act. Gerry has got the bug and even though I am now nearly Ten years old I start training at Farmer Parrs this year 2009, if that young cocker can do it I can! At the worst I will now get to out on Wednesday evenings. Here’s to learning new things and having a great time, what a change it has been in our house since July 2008.


English Cocker Spaniel:- Born:- ____ Owner:- Gerry and Sue Hems




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